Would you go to his graduation??

He is graduating from college in two weeks. He came to my college graduation but not without arguing how it was Mother’s Day weekend and all this nonsense which his mom probably told him to stay. That made me feel horrible and showed me how he didn’t want to be there supporting me when I graduated in three years and worked so hard. In addition I went to his birthday party at his house with family last year I drove up to be there with him and before the party when I was with my dad ( he lives in that area and I wanted to see him) got told by my bf that his mom wants him to talk to other people at the party... I have went to plenty of parties at his house and never ever am hanging on him... he always in the past has talked to everywhere. I am still very mad about that since it’s not true but at the same time I went so out of my way to be there and to be treated like I wasn’t wanted there by his mom was crazy. Obviously I don’t want to sit with them at his graduation since they have been rude to me in the past I can give other examples but they are just very snobby people (for example last time I saw them they were talking to me about buying a $4000 coffee machine.. how can I ever relate to this people??). I truly don’t feel comfortable around them and if I do go will have to fake being nice to them. I want to support my bf but it’s very hard to when his family doesn’t make me feel accepted. I have told him I feel and he just brushes it off