Preeeetty sure it’s positive?

Just found out last night and took another this morning to be sure I wasn’t seeing things. Digitals still say no, but it’s suuuuper early to even be testing.

As of last night, AF wasn’t due for another week (12th) 😳 and I usually have a 33day cycle. Sooo when I took a test last night and saw a faint line I was like “ way.”

We’ve been trying since December and this was the first BFP 🤞🏼🙏🏼

(Edit: All pics within timeframes)

Taken last night:

Different lighting, same test:

Today’s test with FMU:

Faint maybe? (also FMU):

I went test crazy and purchased a bunch (🙃), so I’ll probably test again tomorrow or day after tomorrow to see if it gets darker. I’m just scared to get excited since it’s still so early.

Still just crazy! ☺️

Update: took this one with FMU and I’m too happy!