What do you think?


Ok so I ovulated in March 26th. At 6 dpo I started to get light cramping for about 2 days. Started testing at 9dpo and was negative. Today I’m 11 dpo and I do t have any pregnancy tests but took an ovulation test because I just can’t help myself. It turned out positive! So I took another with the same urine thinking it was a fluke as positive again! So I took a 3rd with different urine and positive again! Hcg fest was negative yesterday! I have a general full dealing in my lower abdomen, super tired, super thirsty all the time and I have thrush which I haven’t had since I was pregnant last time. (2years ago!) I can’t get another test until Monday (today is Saturday)

Am I reading too much into it? Am I just wanting it so badly that I’m imagining things?

Please give me your opinions!?!

Thank you ☺️