Toxic mother and family?

My parents divorced when I was six, ever since then I’d been caring and taking care of the house because my mom didn’t want to do it. Washing dishes, cleaning. Becoming her listener through life I would need to listen to her talk about her problems and if I didn’t I would get in trouble. I have a younger brother two years younger, he grew up saying nasty things to me all the time and has hit me in the face and recently grabbed my arm and didn’t let go because of me touching his phone. She never did a thing about it. She never had any responsibility for him, he’s never done dishes in his life and has never cleaned before, had never been to the grocery store while I was going all the time. She never made any meals so we had to look through the cabinets to find something to eat. She would play these scary tv shows every day and I would be crying to her because they terrified me I’d get nightmares and she just ignored it and kept playing them every night. I would cry in my room a lot of nights and she would never come get me. I was pressured to hang out with her side of the family every ever and if I didn’t I would get yelled at. Her family is okay with the fact that that a cousin had me over and had sex with a lady right in front of me in a studio apartment and was abusive. They say well, you need to forgive him because I do. They would talk about how he’s doing and how much they care about him in front of me whenever I would see them and do video calls of them going around the room and everyone asking how he’s doing. They get mad at me because I’m not okay with him and say well I can’t choose not to like him because we love him too. My mother would go to them anytime and talk bad things about me and whenever I would ask to keep something private she would go to them anyways and do that so I didn’t trust her to tell her I got sexually assaulted and almost pregnant. I really just hate my life.