Follicle ultrasound?


How many of you ladies did a follicle study ultrasound? I visited my Doctor recently and she wants to do it for me to see if I actually ovulate in correspondence to my hormones levels. I’m heart broken right now (of this feeling that I couldn’t get pregnant easily with no issues), but also happy to finally figure out a reason. We’ve been TTC for eight months now (or nine i lost count) with no apparent reason for why i couldn’t. I was telling my husband that maybe it’s just not the right time for us and it will happen when the time is right! In my head I’m thinking that if nothing is wrong and everything is normal I’ll truly let it go and let it happen when it happens. I made this plan before I see my doctor and threw away all my ovulation kits and prenatals 🤣. When I saw her she was like well you’ll have to follow up with the ovulation kits to see if it happens when we think it happens and you need to start your prenatals