Moving forward after egtopic

Dana • 1st timer

I'm about a week and a half after finding we were pregnant on our first try, finding out it was egtopic, and getting a methotrexate shot. Still bleeding, but not in as much pain and discomfort as the past week. Through all of this, we've discovered our sense of humor is bulletproof. We're just trying to move forward and I feel pretty emotionally healthy about it most of the time.

But tonight...we went to a party and an acquaintance announces their pregnancy to everyone. We had just been to brunch with them a couple weeks ago when we were still pregnant. Just knowing we were pregnant at the same time and theirs worked out and ours didn't ... It took everything not to cry in front of everyone.

I'm just... so sad. I'm crying which is unexpected because I try really hard to compartmentalize and keep moving. I guess I'm clearly more fragile than I realize.

We can try again around September. We just keep telling ourselves that we got pregnant right away which is a good sign. I just don't know if I can go through this again.