Im so confused😬😣

I went to the doctor march 12th because i figured i was pregnant but I started bleeding they gave me a pregnancy test and it came up positive i didnt have cramps or anything just bleeding and the doctor said it was just implantation so dont worry so i went home and woke up at 6 in the morning to change a pad and it was little clots that time so i went back. They did an internal and external ultrasound and took blood. They said it was too early to tell and from what they could see i was still pregnant. By that time the blood got a little heavier and the clots just a pinch bigger but still no pain so i go home because the doctor said the same thing. A couple hours later the clots get bigger because i think from using a tampon when I didn’t know i wasnt supposed to use it. Each time i took the tampon out it was a big clot and one time intook itnout and i piece of uterus tissue came out with it and i thought it was a baby but it unfolded to a big piece of uterus tissue ( or what i thought was tissue)but when i didnt have one in it wasnt one. Anyways let me speed it up i went to new life pregnancy center and took a test there a couple days ago but the test said negative. Right after i left there inwent to a hospital and the urine test said negative -also. Im supposed to be getting a blood test in a couple days and im sk scared thats its going to say negative too. Do yall think it was implantation like the doctors said or did i have a miscarriage ?🤔( the “implantation” lasted 4 or 5 days there was barely any pain it felt like period cramps also i haven’t bled since then)

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