So many SIGNSSS!

Who doesn’t get excited when they have possible pregnancy signs? I’m not talking about symptoms I’m talking about signs! For example, cracking an egg and getting two yolks!

Here’s all the signs I’ve gotten this week:

1. Cracked an egg and got two yolks!

2. On my walk, I passed a stain on the pavement and it looked just like a stork.

2. Someone in my office dreamt I was pregnant.

3. I went to the bank and they had a calendar where you rip off each page as you go. The calendar was a “National day” theme. When I was there, it was “national find a rainbow day”. I’ve had two miscarriages so SIGN!

I’m not a momma yet but I’ve been praying and hoping everyday for the past 3 years we I’ll get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. This journey has been so hard. I have seen a specialist and found out I have a blocked tube. Doesn’t explain my miscarriages. 😞

Also, I took a break with

fertility medication

after being on it for over a year. I’m 3 weeks late but that’s normal for me. I took tests this morning and both were negative.

Have you ladies received signs and ended up being pregnant? What do you think of mine!?