Found a box of condoms in bf room. Please help.

Please ladies I really need your help right now.

So last night I went over to my bf house. We had sex and when we where finished we decided to get up and grab a bite to eat. So I get up and right when we where about to walk out his room I see a little box of condoms. It’s the 3pack. The box was just ripped open there was no condoms inside it was just a ripped open box. My bf and I never use condoms because I’m on the pill. So Anyways my first thought is he’s cheating on me. I grab the box and I’m like “what’s this?” At fist he seems confused until he sees it. Then when he realized what it was he casually said “oh idk it’s probably old my room is a huge mess it probably just fell from somewhere or maybe it was from the other day when I was growing through my things looking for something” his room is a huge mess. There is a lot of clutter. Anyways I sat down and started crying. I was just asking him to tell me the truth. That’s when he realized this was a big deal. He dropped down to his knees he keep saying “baby no. I really don’t know where that came from. I’m not cheating. My room is a huge mess it’s probably old. Please believe me. Your the love of my life my best friend why would I cheat on you.” I just continued to cry. And begging him to tell me the truth. I mean what else am I supposed to think. So anyway maybe after an hour I calmed down. My bf still has no idea where the box came from. Then my bf started to cry. He just kept saying that he doesn’t know and that he not cheating. I haven’t had any suspicions about him cheating on me. I feel like it’s natural to think that if u found a box of condoms in your bf room. So anyways I asked him one more time if he is telling me the truth and if he not hiding anything from me. He looked me straight in the eyes and said “no I’m not cheating or I’m not keeping anything from you.” I was like ok and I calmed down and took a small nap and went home after.

Sorry for the long story. But what do u guys think. I believe him but there’s like tiny doubt in the back of my head still.