Mil advice

Sri • Mom to beautiful girl 06-24-19

Me and my husband have been married for over a year and we are expecting our first child in July. We used to stay with my in-laws the first three months after we got married. Even my husband’s grandparents stayed in the same house so I didn’t notice her being a lazy and a person who escapes house chores cuz grandma used to do all the work and I used to help her but before they left me and husband moved to Florida and it’s been just us two since then. Later on his grandparents moved out of in-laws house as well. Once they left my mil started giving excuses to visit us and stay for more than a month every time. She says she has some problem with her hand and is unable to cook but it looks perfectly fine to me. I am a healthcare professional so I know when it’s bad. Now they are also moving to Florida to live in same city as us cuz my mil is unable to handle snow. They offered us to move in with them which I rejected so now they are saying they are gonna stay with us every weekend cuz they want to spend time with baby. But weekends are the only days me and my husband can get some alone time. She even said some things to my brothers wife at my baby shower and when I confronted her she refused and said my sister-in-law is a liar. I am unable to take the stress anymore being 7 months pregnant. I want my mom to come and stay with me but my mil insulted my mom a lot of times and I don’t want her to face the same thing again. I am not saying my mil is bad person but she is very controlling and expects me to listen to everything she says. I just want this to be over and I am afraid about my future now.