4 months pregnant, had a home intruder, should I move house?

Hi there I'm currently stuck with a very big life decision. I was recently attacked by an intruder in my home. It was a freak incident and clearly very unlucky as it's a very safe area and I've never felt in danger in any way. I wasn't hurt that much physically but I sleep terribly and worry all the time about whether I'll see the attacker again in the street or, worse, at home. They have not been caught by the police.

As you can imagine, I'm feeling especially vulnerable as I'm pregnant and the thought of walking around my neighbourhood with my baby fills me with anxiety.

My instinct is to move house to a different neighbourhood ASAP and get settled ASAP so everything can be relatively relaxed once the baby comes. We own our flat so would rent it out and use the income for another flat. There are some pros to moving: we'd be further from the built up town, in more of a yummy mummy area, closer to work. The downside is that we love our home and have put so much work into making it nice...

This is such a hard decision so I'd be so grateful to know: am I being over paranoid to want to move?

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