Soo sad


Hey ladies! So I’ve had Pcos for a while, I ended up getting pregnant end of 2016 and had my blessing in 2017! Ever since having him I suffer with weight issues! When I got pregnant with him I was 150 now I’m 178 and it’s just tough to get the weight off especially cuz I’m not trying hard enough! My periods are also so off, August-Jan I didn’t get one so my ob prescribed a progesterone pill I had to take for a week, a couple days later my period came and ever since Jan my periods have been coming! But because we’re not really stopping from wanting another baby I tested to see if I would get any positives! This was a few days after my supposed period to come! Which was supposed to be last Friday, it never came an a few days later I got a faint positive but unfortunately I got my period yesterday! I believe this was called a missed pregnancy. I’m so sad and I was hoping I would be pregnant 😞 I feel maybe this is a sign to get super healthy lose some weight and try again! Of course to be this is all by the will of god an everything happens for a reason! Looking for someone that might have a similar story! Thanks for listening ❤️