Made it to 10 Weeks w/ my Miracle Baby πŸ’œ


I had posted the morning I first got my BFP and this is a follow up. My husband and I had been trying for a few years and I never got my period (last one was in July!) and had other fertility issues too. Then I went on a life changing trip to Israel and prayed at the Wailing Wall. I conceived in my first week week home after that trip! I’m now at 10.5 weeks and this was from my ultrasound at exactly 10 weeks. I saw our beautiful baby moving around and kicking it’s legs and arms. And get this- it WAVED at us! It moved its little hand up and down 3 times! (The bright white spot is the hand).

Never give up hope ladies. Whether you believe in a higher power or not- anything is possible and miracles do happen. It happened to me.

DUE ON HALLOWEEN with my lil’ Punkin! πŸŽƒ