Pregnant and extra sensitive/depressed

Breeze • 1st baby boy born Oct 11,2019 💚

Did any of you ladies have hormone changes were you were constantly sad or even depressed ?

I’m 13weeks and I’m always finding myself crying. Whenever my boyfriend ask what’s wrong it makes it even worst.

For example :

I work Monday- Friday, and he works Monday- Sunday. Saturday’s he doesn’t work until 9pm, and Sunday’s not until 5pm so at times I get frustrated/sad/depressed that he just wants to relax when I’m off and wanna do something. I understand that he works all the time, but I think being pregnant & sitting around is making me depressed. We have no family that lives near us so I just feel alone unless I’m at work.

I’ll give him credit he tries a lot and we do more than what it seems, but I can’t seem to get out of this mood. I sleep like shit every night, I don’t eat really, I’m sad, and bored.

Did anyone else experience this ?