Bestfriend and husband?

Soo I need advice. Any advice! So I have a bestfriend my only friend and we have been friends for 5 years. She’s a single mom of twins and always seems to find shitty guys. My husband isn’t her type at all. But they never got a long very well until this year when she’s been coming over more often and joining us in outings. But recently she’s been calling my husband her husband and that we are both his wives. I was like okay funny at first. But now she contestantaly says it and if a guy snapchats her or texts her she wants to send a picture of him to them and be like “sorry busy”. It makes him feel uncomfortable when she mentions doing it. Is it okay for me to feel weirded out with her comments and not very happy about them? Sorry if this doesn’t make sense.

**UPDATE: I probably should of mentioned that he doesn’t talk to her and when she’s around stays away from her. It makes him uncomfortable and doesn’t even want to chance her taking a picture of him. He was going to tell her to shut up but I didn’t want an argue to happen with children around.