Friends are getting tired of me talking about how I’m pregnant


I was hanging out with my friends and we were on the topic of the baby somehow, usually one of them makes a joke about babies or pregnancy or whatever, but one of my friends snapped and was saying how I only mention that I’m pregnant to get attention. And I don’t. I’m just really excited and want to share with them. Later on a few of them went to McDonald’s and I asked for a mcchicken with pickles. And the girl gave me a dirty look and was like “wow you’re really milking this out” like no I’ve just ALWAYS liked my sandwich like that. I mentioned that I was about to eat a whole jar of pickles earlier and she gave me a look again and I cut her off “I’ve always like pickles so don’t start, it’s not me being like “oh wow I’m pregnant! Pickles!” I guess I’m just ranting because I don’t have anyone else to talk about this with. 😔 what should I do about it? I don’t want them to think I just want attention but I also want to share this with them!

EDIT: I didn’t know what else group to put this in