Making time to workout


Hello Ladies!

I am 3.5 mo PP and am unhappy and self conscious about my body. I started out being overweight before i got pregnant and had a healthy pregnancy. I gained 50 lbs during pregnancy and lost 30 within the first 4 weeks PP so i have 20 more to reach my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m ready to start working out to try to make myself feel like my old self. I know it took 9 months to make a baby and put on the weight and I am in no rush to get it off, I just want to start getting in a routine. I’m just trying to figure out how to fit a workout in my day. Baby sleeps through the night and usually wakes around 5 am for a feeding then goes back to sleep for another 3 hours. I feel like this is the best time to workout but when I’m done feeding her I just want to go back to sleep. Any tips to get my butt out of bed and stay up at this time? I work at home but would rather not do a workout mid-day and want to be able to spend time with my husband in the evening so early morning just makes most sense to me. Help a mama out!