Sex/touch on LSD?


Hi!! I’ve been googling a bit but I thought maybe you guys could help.. I’m going to be doing LSD over Easter break (praise Jesus) and, since it’s my first time, I was wondering if anyone could share any experiences with me.

Mainly, what does sex feel like? Is it intense? Also, how does it change your sense of touch (if at all)?

I’m going to do it with my boyfriend and another friend, will this be an issue? Does it make you horny? Thanks!!!

For context: I’ve tried shrooms and molly twice, xans once, and I smoke a lot of weed so I’m not super nervous about bad tripping and know my limits!! (Dw I wait months between heavy stuff, I’m doing unhealthy things in the healthiest way I can lol)

EDIT: I do genuinely appreciate your concern (this isn’t even sarcastic, it’s nice to care about the wellbeing of a stranger on the internet) but any comments along the lines of “you shouldn’t do it in the first place” aren’t necessary. I know my own limits/what I can handle, and I strongly believe that this is a necessary step in my self discovery journey. I will be in a safe place with people I trust, don’t worry!! Thank you team❤️