So me and my bf had sex over a month ago. We had it in between when I ovulated and when I was scheduled to have my period.

Everything went fine. We were really careful. The condom didn’t break, and he pulled out in time.

I got my period after that, no problem. (it was my full, heavy period.

Usually, I have extremely bad cramps/moodiness/migraines the week before and during my period. I’ve yet to experience those and my period was supposed to come on April 12th. My schedule hasn’t been irregular in months. My cycle is almost always 29 days. Today is day 32 with no cramps.

Granted, it has been an extremelyyyy stressful month and I’ve done more physically exhausting lately. I just started spring break and my body feels all out of wack. I think my stress levels are just throwing my body off. It wouldn’t make any sense if I was pregnant. I was stuck in my bed for most of the morning being paranoid. The extent of my crying kinda gives me the feeling that my period is coming.

I guess I’m just looking for some reassurance. I’m really in need of some kind words.