144/89 BP?


33+4 weeks pregnant and I’ve been really swollen the past week or so, and noticed that since Friday my face is red almost looking sunburnt and swollen feeling as if I just cried. Today I got a few dizzy spells sitting at my desk and decided to call the advice nurse. The advice nurse scheduled an appointment for tomorrow, but then said to go somewhere I could take my blood pressure and call if the high numbers over 140, or low # is over 90 or a combination. So I get off work early because I don’t feel right, and go to Safeway to take my blood pressure (I know these aren’t always accurate, but I didn’t have anywhere else close by to take it). My first reading was 144/89, second was 143/89, third 143/90 all taken a couple minutes and deep breaths in between.

So I called the nurse sitting there at Safeway and told her the numbers. She said well it seems to be going down so just come in tomorrow and we can try and see you.

I started crying because she made it sound like if it was over those numbers it was bad and I’d need to get seen right away for her to say it sounds like nothing? My BP is usually around 106/60.. So this feels and is DIFFERENT.

Is there any advice anyone would give? Or what I should do? Or what this could mean? My fiancé thinks even making an appointment isn’t worth it and that sometimes “his BP is high too”.. I’m just worried..