So confused.. not sure what to do. Please do not judge.

I’m going on 8 months pregnant and my boyfriend of 7 years just grabbed me by the back of my hair and kinda pulled me to the ground. We were arguing because he was trying to get our son to sleep but he wouldn’t go down.. I fell asleep out on the couch and didn’t hear that he was still trying to get him to sleep. He called me a self centered bitch and I yelled at him and told him to get the fuck out and I’ll put our son to sleep.. he yelled at me back so I threatened to leave and walked out slamming the bedroom door. He came after me and grabbed me by the back of my hair and pulled me down to the ground.. I immediately started crying and he stopped and started apologizing over and over.. kissed my head and said I’m so sorry I’m so sorry repeatedly. I honestly don’t know what to think. Please no judging I’ve never been through this before.