I need advise. I hope it's okay to post here.

Okay.. so.. He's the ABSOLUTE apple of my eye. I adore him and truly couldn't live without him. We've been together for 11 years today lol it's an achievement in my book and were very happy.. but we opened a website together and launched it about a month ago now. And I'm afraid I may have made a mistake. The whole reaaalll reason we did this, besides really wanting to go for it for as long as we can remember.. is we have been ttc for over 4 years now. And nada. Nothing. Zero babies. We were quite successful in our old home town. In our old state of California. We had a small business and we moved all the way to texas after my brother and mom passed. Just needed a new vibe and my whole family is tejano lol so we jumped on it. But opening this business to a dot com has made us fight so damn much. The aesthetics, the pricing.. everything. In California it's okay to price high.. you almost have to. Online is a different game. I don't want to kill people with pricing so we sell juuussttt a smidge above what we buy for as I fought and won the pricing battle. But I'm afraid my husband may have screwed us on his advertising and so on because we've gotten no sales. And I know it's only been a month. But were living on savings and at the moment trying to conceive is not even the passion for me anymore. Just staying afloat and not burning ourselves on this move and new business adventure.. So I'm asking anyone I know and even the lovely souls on this forum for help. How can I improve our website? These are the items we've sold and sold well in our small mall shop in California. And instantly I may add lol but maybe online is different? Maybe there's something we don't know about advertising? Or maybe we just need to change our aesthetics? Idk I'm so upset all I do is cry lol it's so messed up. I lo e this guy I love our new Texas life.. but I'm so paranoid we messed up and when our lease is up well run back to our parents with our tails between our legs and they'll say they told us so... Our dot com is survivingurban and if anyone has any advise or comments please do tell. I'll take criticism and really anything at this point. Please send help lol I may just be super emotional right now and regret regurgitating all of this for the world to see but right now I just want a little bit of a win. Anything. Lol Thank you so much and I promise I'm not selling or advertising so please don't flag me lol I just want help.