Why are men so lazy!!!

Belle PREGNANT finally 😀

So I’m 30 weeks pregnant on Friday I also have two toddlers age 2 and 3 different dad to baby. But I swear babies dad is so lazy every morning he lays in till god knows when he has no excuses he doesn’t work due to fracturing his elbow couple of months back but can still do stuff. I am do sing it really hard to understand how he could possibly need more sleep than me?? I have to get up 10 tines in the night for My 2 year old then get up at 6.30 so I’m so tired. I don’t get an afternoon nap atall as boys don’t sleep. I understand that the boys ain’t his but he needs to get use to idea of getting up early for when baby here it’s going to be soon as getting induced! How the fuck is he more tired than me I’m on my feet all day some one explain to me??? I’m gonna loose my shit!!