My Delivery Story - my due date was April 13th

Angela • Loading baby #2 ... 💙💕

We are just coming along 💙praise God 🙏🏽🤱🏽to think on my birthday Tuesday Feb 5th 2019 I was admitted into the hospital at 30 weeks pregnant because there was a concern with the blood flow through the umbilical cord. Wednesday everything looked normal again and I was discharged from L&D. Thursday Feb 8th 2019 I was at Target getting the stroller that was gifted to me from Rach Cox & Andre Cox 🥰(I LOOVEEE MY STROLLER‼️) Friday February 8th I had my 31 week appointment at the OBGYN and my blood pressure was 143/91 so they decided to admit me into L&D for bloodwork to confirm they assumptions of me having Severe Preeclampsia 😮 later Friday night the doctors came to see me and said not only does my bloodwork confirm severe preeclampsia but the amount of protein in my urine from this diagnosis makes them want to keep me in the hospital until I deliver and told me that the furthest along I can be before they WILL induce is 34 weeks. 😩So at that point we planned to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks and deliver March 2nd (the date of my scheduled baby shower)...

Well that didn’t happen obviously 🙄. Saturday morning I started experimenting really intense on and off migraines and felt light headed at times. Therefore the dr placed me on blood pressure medication every 12 hours because the high BPs were causing the headaches. Come Saturday evening around 9pm my blood pressure had spiked to 200/113 😮 the doctors decided to give the BP medicine orally every 30 minutes but my BP still kept rising. Around 10PM they decided to add IV BP meds to take along with the oral one every 5 minutes...👀My blood pressure kept rising still. Around 1130PM my blood pressure was 200/183 and at that point the DR came in and said I am at risk for a stroke and I need to be stabilized and as soon as I was they were inducing me. After taking the BP meds every 5 minutes both orally and IV around 435AM I was declared stable and moved to a delivery room. At 11:39 AM Sunday February 10th I was officially induced and in active labor. After 7 hours of labor I was 4cm dilated however Kensley was not low enough on my cervix for them to pop my water. 😐So naturally we waited to see if he would move down some (they checked every 2 hours). Now Fast forward Monday February 11th at 12:07PM I was still only 4cm dilated and he hadn’t move down any more on my cervix at that point the DR explained my options.

Opt 1: They can pop my water 💦 and hope the umbilical cord does not slip out first because his head wasn’t low enough however if it does I would have to be rushed into an emergency c section

Opt 2: Understand I’ve been in labor for 24hours and 16 minutes (EVERY SECOND COUNTS 😂) and just say I’m done and we can just schedule a c section within the next hour or two.

Well I chose option 2 my body was exhausted 😩 I was in pain and felt there was no need to risk opt 1 and the chances of either me or Kensley not making it. At 2:16 PM February 11th 2019 I gave birth to Kensley Andre Montgomery 2lbs 13 oz & 17inches.

2 months later...Kensley is 6lbs 10oz 19 1/4 inches long. Completely healthy 💙a true fighter and my world 🌎 Thanks 🙏🏽 be to God. Mark my words my son is very special and has a gift 🎁 that can never be denied

The above pictures of him in bath and laying down is this week the others were the day of birth