Bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant- baby is fine?

Emily • 24•Mommy to a little boy•PCOS•PlantBased

Has anyone experienced something like this?

Had quite the scare last night. Lots of bleeding and a HUGE golf ball sized clot followed by a few smaller ones.

Went to the ER as it was getting painful and I was nervous for an ectopic or something.

They did an external ultrasound and they saw what they think was the yolk sac still there where it should be in my uterus, and my hcg was at 14,547. It was at 240 on the 9th, so that seems good.

My cervix was closed when they did the exam, and the bleeding slowed down and is now non existent the next morning.

Any similar stories that ended up with perfectly healthy babies? I need some reassurance 😩