My Mother in laws room stinks !!!


Yesterday I was wondering why my MIL room stinks and we found out what it was.


My Husband woke up from his morning nap (he worked a graveyard shift) and asked why it smelled like feet. I told him it’s his moms room. And I that iv been smelling it all morning. He thought it was food stinking up the room at first. Once his mom came home he asked her “mom do you keep food in the room ? because it stinks.” And she goes “NO it’s just some of the clothes is wet. And I don’t know how my shit got wet. But yeah it stinks.” My Husband and I just look at each other. I know she was trying to insinuate that I wet her clothes or something. (This women thinks I try to do sleezy stuff like this all the time). Which I absolutely do not. I don’t even go inside that room anymore.( the room she stayed in was my stepdaughters room before she moved in with us.) plus she puts things in between the door and the wall when she closes it. Which I assume she think we snoop threw her things. ( which is so insane). But my husband still goes in and out of the room she stays in. (We would use some of my step daughters closet for storage. That’s why he goes in there every once in a while.) He doesn’t care that she does dumb things like this to keep us out. All he says is “she doesn’t pay rent she doesn’t get to do stuff like this.” But for my peace I don’t go in there for nothing. Because this woman does not respect me (Even after all I have done to try to help her get her crap together) and will tell me off.

But anyways... the smell got even worse by the evening. Because she was opening and closing the room door. I was so upset about it. I hate stinky stuff like this. I have my apartment always smelling good with candles and scented oils and I keep my things clean. And this wet close smell masked all over it. This will never end. Every week it seems like there is another problem.

If you read through this I’m sorry this is the only place I can actually let all my feeling out 😞.