36+2 induction, high BP oral meds and magnesium


Omg I feel awful. Was not planning to meet baby tomorrow. Plan changed so fast. A few high BP readings in a row and suddenly we’re being admitted and induced 😫

Magnesium is the worst!


Magnesium still flowing and BP mostly under control. 6 doses of cytotec later and I’m at 2.5cm, not allowed out of the bed all day. They finally let me eat after 24 hours too, since baby won’t be coming til tomorrow we’re pretty sure.

Managed some naps here and there but mostly just so achey from IV and 5 diff blood draws and stupid hospital bed :(

Little man, get out here already!! They said magnesium goes a full 24 hours after delivery too so won’t feel relief from that for 2 more days 😬

Just glad that I listened to the docs the other day and got a home BP cuff and went in when I noticed it climbing. Even after starting meds it was steadily climbing in the severe range where they were setting expectations for emergency C section if I had a few more severe readings in a row.

I had no symptoms besides the high BP readings which I just took as a precaution, really scary.