Boobs grew like overnight


They were fine yesterday, no soreness. This morning, I'm getting undressed to jump in the shower and went... holy crap, my boobs look bigger. This coming from someone who has flat looking boobs, it was a super noticable difference. And they're actually a handful, now. They definitely are usually not a handful. Lol. After the shower, I go to put my bra on, and it doesn't fit. Definitely not my imagination. I literally just got this one last week when I forgot to pack enough for a trip and the one I was wearing broke. My boobs are popping out all over and the cup was slightly too big when I bought it.

Feels like it happened really fast, though. Like, over night. I ended up putting a comfy workout stretchy bra on just to contain them this morning. They're just now starting to get sore and are bigger than this morning. Currently about 9 DPO. I usually get mild soreness like every once in a while before AF, but never this.

Anyone else experience this and have it just be AF?

Also, the past 2 days I've been completely exhausted. Taking naps during the day, which I never do, and still getting a full night's sleep on top of it. Not a usual pre AF for me.