Movie date sex thoughts

Saw the movie us on 4/20/19 with a guy from work. I been had a crush on him but I got over it because I was talking to a guy I liked and we dated. Now that that’s over he asked for my number and I gave it to him after work Monday 4/8 he texted. So he kept asking me to go out and I was lent really tryna go but to I was at work and he lives on that side so I texted him. So we went to the movies and after he finally put his arm around me and we started cuddling in the movies it was surprisingly empty probably like 8-11 ppl. So he took up like 5 seats and he hand was on my thigh I didn’t mind tho. He already seen the movie so ik he wasn’t really watching it he was tryna hold my hand kissing my head and my hand saying I smelled good wrapping his arms around me. Then he started playing in my hair I was like oh hell no not my wig lol even tho it’s sewn on but still. After that he start touch my ear and I’m like what the hell so I moved and I was what are you doing then I just ended up asking him if he has an ear fetish and he said yes. He was horny already cuz he kept touching his pants and his hand was in my back pocket the. But my period is about to start so I feel a lol flow and I get up and go to the bathroom and he was like you want me to come with you and I was like No 😑. So I didn’t start I was just extra wet. Now it’s the end of them movie and we get up and he like stretched his arm out for a hug and starts kissing me and I just kissed him back then he start pushing his touch in my mouth (now that I’m saying this I should probably go brush my teeth) so I just follow along with it and then we go down the stairs in the movie theater bc we were at the top last row by ourselves. So he makes me go in front of him and hugs me from behind. Finally I get to my car and he opens my door which he been doing all day cuz we took his car to cook out. Anyway now I’m in my car about to go home and he leans in for another hug and he kisses me again.At this point I was horny even tho his kiss was wet and loud the first time. So ik I can’t really have sex and I don’t want him too but then again I did or eat me out or fingered me. before we decided to go to the movie he was like I got red box but I was like nah I can’t go to his apt already. But then I had to rethink bc I have a liner on just in case my period came early and I didn’t shave(just rice grain hairs). But I never had sex with any guy unless he is my boyfriend. So I was like it’s a first time for everything but we doesn’t want to have sex with me so soon and we both said that we actually want to be in a relationship before we do that. But my horny ass forgot that. It’s just because with my ex, if I was horny I could just text him and we would have sex with multiple rounds. And now that I’m not with him anymore I have to control my urges. It’s like I’m going through withdrawals and the lack of sex is driving me crazy. my dirty mind was like his dick is hard right now and I wanted to suck it and just imagining my wet pussy sliding down his hard dick was just making me wetter. Every time he was tryna use his hand to hide the fact that he was hard. I want him slap his dick on my pussy lips and just rub the head of his dick on my clit. And when we were kissing he was rubbing my ass I wanted him to pick me up and put me against the wall and just fuck me. Really I been wanted to see his dick but I don’t want to asked but he send me a picture with his shirt off and boxers that I didn’t ask for. My ex was the first guy dick I ever sucked and I loved doing it I even brought deep throat spray so I can give him the best head of his life. I just wanted to jack his dick off and then he told me he wanted me to rub up against it when we were sitting in the movies . If I did he probably would have pulled it out. He said I was a good kisser when I haven’t really kissed a lot of different guys, I was happy but couldn’t say the same for him and he’s 6 years old then me.