Is it too late to become a mom?

I really need some support/advice. I'm 36 years old and have no children. When I was 23, my husband (at the time) and I became pregnant with fraternal twin boys. Sadly, we miscarried at 20 weeks. It was a devastating experience. Since then I haven't gotten pregnant again. Haven't really tried, to be honest. After 3 years of being single I decided to begin a new relationship. He is an amazing man and we have gotten close very quickly. He has no children but wants a family. We decided that if we wanted to begin a family, at my age, that we need to get busy because with a history of miscarriage and being older, there will be more risks. Sadly we miscarried 3 weeks ago. I was about 5weeks along. We decided that we would continue to try but I'm reluctant. Feeling like it might not happen for us. Losing my boys was heartbreaking, and then 13 years later I miscarry again. What are the odds? I've been to docters and I'm healthy, so why does my body reject pregnancy? I would love to be a mother. Is it too late?