4 Days Late - When you tell God you have a plan lol


I turned 36 this year and had been trying the 6 months. I researched and research home remedies (herbs and vitamins) to get pregnant since it has been 9yrs since my last one.

I got the ovulation kit on Amazon, AVA watch ( used for 5 months) and the Ovusense (which i never used)..honestly I think these things made me more anxious.

After no success I finally went to the doctor, got a blood test for day 3 and the HGS (think that's what is called, where they put dye in you too see your tubes) and day 21 blood work done. I have one last step which is to have the Dr. tell me if I am the "problem". But I am now 4 days late and too nervous to take a test. I figured if i wait one more day then SHE would come and the depression/process would start over.

I have long 29 -31 day periods so even though I have learned a lot about my body .... it's the wait that weights on you the most.