Switching to formula?


So our BF experience has been a difficult one from the beginning. Pain at the beginning due to a bad latch, fighting at the breast, many tears from me and LO and just when we get the hang of it all, the spitting up comes back with a vengeance. I believe it’s due to my oversupply. I mean we go through a few burp cloths per feed. Pediatrician doesn’t see anything wrong so isn’t worried about it, but it’s taking a toll on us. I developed ppd and I feel like the BF is making it worse. We bottle feed breast milk all but 2 feedings per day in an attempt to help the spitting up because we can pace him more and also so we can see how much he’s intaking. I’ve also had to really limit my dairy intake to help his tummy as well as many other foods, though his pedi doesn’t think he has an intolerance to anything. I’m seriously considering switching to formula at the 3 month mark (we are 2 weeks from that) to save my mental health. My question is, any moms switch their dairy sensitive baby to formula and had success with less tummy issues? And what formula worked for you? We’re willing to try and if it makes him worse, I’ll suck it up and continue to pump for awhile, but am unsure how long it takes them to get used to formula. Please no shaming, this has been an incredibly difficult decision for me and I want to do what’s best for my baby, while also keeping his momma happy