Serious Question. Need advice

Okay, so the baby doctor I currently go to is 30 minutes away from where I live. And the hospital he delivers at is 25 minutes away from where I live. Now, the only reason I’m still going to this dr. Is because he gives multiple ultrasounds upon asking, his office is open until 7 pm, which is key for me because my boyfriend is my ride and gets off at 3:30 pm. But some of the appointments I can’t make because they are so early in the day and I can’t get there because my boyfriend is my only ride. Now, I found out there is a closer baby doctor, that’s 6 minutes away from me and is right next to the hospital they deliver at which is still 6 minutes away from me which makes it even better! The problem is, they are only open until 5 pm. My boyfriend doesn’t get home until 4:10 pm. And I don’t know if the dr would be willing to accommodate me in the last minutes of their opening time. But if I needed someone to take me and somehow found someone to take me, it’s only 6 minutes from me, so they wouldn’t have to travel the whole 30 minutes to the other baby doctor. Should I make the switch and just see how it goes? Or should I just stay where I’m at since they are open later? Idk what to do but I’m stressing hard about it. If my boyfriend can’t take me, I have no other ride. So I’m questioning how I’m gonna be able to get to my appointments.