Gestational Hypertension, possible Preeclampsia.... this isn’t how it was supposed to go 🤦🏻‍♀️


A few weeks ago I had high blood pressure at my appointment (32 weeks.) My doctor bumped me up to weekly appointments and sent me for lab work. My labs came back borderline, but my blood pressure was fine at my (33 week appointment.) I have also been dealing with extreme swelling, and other symptoms of preeclampsia. Yesterday (34 weeks +4) my blood pressure was high again, so I was sent to L&D. I was there diagnosed with gestational hypertension, and told they would induce a few weeks early. They ran tests for preeclampsia, and gave me a shot for baby’s lungs. If I do have preeclampsia they will induce at 37 weeks.

I had such high hopes of a natural birth. I studied the Bradley Method and followed everything as best as I could. In so many ways I feel like I’m already failing as a mother and my son isn’t even here yet. 😭