I can’t believe this social lie...

Despite what you’ve been told through the years.

I am a junior in high school and I have never been more happy with my life. We do everything together and we have planned our lives together. Although many people say, “You won’t last because it’s a high school relationship.” Or “9/10 times they won’t be the one.” I want to just say that I feel something much deeper with him. He’s definitely not your typical high school teenager. He is a very respectful and kind man. I don’t like using the word man to describe guys my age for the simple fact that they are definitely not. His name is Austin. He’s been the light of my light since the day I met him.

Originally he was dating my best friend.... YES I KNOW. IT SOUNDS BAD BUT THERE IS REASONING. They dated for about three months when she decided that he was too “Boring” because he would not sleep with her and they were not compatible even from the beginning. So Around this time last year, me and Austin were visibly infatuated with each other but I kept pushing away my feelings from it because he is my best friends ex. Although, there are not many options in a small town and I was the person to help him through his most desperate times of need. We knew hat we loved each other I was just scared of what I wanted so badly. I fell so hard in love with him and him with me. That’s when I decided this. It is still okay to date your friends exes. If they didn’t want them then that’s their own problem that shouldn’t stop you from feeling the things your feeling. I guess out of tensions and other problems we were facing we had stopped being friends and after 6 months of being distant we started speaking again and we are on great terms now. :) He asked me out May 23rd and today is our eleventh month together. He cares for me so much and I never felt the extent of the love he has given me in the small time we’ve been together.. he brightens my day in every aspect and I hope that everyone finds someone just like that.

If things don’t work out with them maybe that’s not the case for you.

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