Dealing with a mean mom?

Hey moms!

I would like some advice on something!

I am currently a part of an awesome moms stroller work out group that I love! The only thing is there is a mom in the group who is pretty distant towards me and honestly doesn’t seem to like me much even though I have been nothing but nice and friendly to her. I have a hard time understanding and I feel very insecure now when I go to class or when the class has play dates. It’s a small group of moms so it’s not easy to avoid her. I even tried reaching out to her to have a one on one play date since her son and my son are so close in age and all I got in return was “sorry we’re busy.”

How should I handle this situation? Do I continue to seek her out and try to be friends? Should I flat out ask her if she doesn’t like me or if I have done something to offend her? I just hate feeling so uncomfortable when she is around! This is not how I imagined motherhood and finding my mom squad! 😫😞