Nausea Treatment from Docs?

So I’ve been taking Zofran in order to tone down the nausea (going strong on 12 straight weeks of nausea that lasts all day and night). I work in healthcare and there were just far too many triggers to keep relying on B6 and ginger to keep me from throwing up in front of a patient. The Nurse Practitioner at my OBGYN clinic asked if I wanted the prescription since throwing up is not easy to arrange in my job so I took it and it has made a world of difference. But at my last appointment, the MD was questioning why I was on it. His attitude was quite snippy and judgmental. Even my husband thought his questioning was odd because the MD never mentioned that he didn’t want me to take it or that there was any sort of side effect that would be harmful. He made me feel like a giant wuss Has anyone else had this experience?