He completely caught me off guard

So mine and my SO sex life has been kind of slowed down/ non existent recently due to work and planning the arrival of our baby (I’m 29 weeks).

Now I ALWAYS want to be intimate with this man but with our work schedules we end up just settling for cuddling and then going to bed. Well that’s exactly how it seemed like it was going to be last night, but my SO has shoulder problems so he ended up waking up and needing to sit up a bit to relieve some pressure off his shoulder. So he was just sitting there watching tv, my SO is kind of a huskier guy so I love sitting in front of him and leaning down onto his belly (which also helps relieve some pressure off of my back from the baby belly that I’m growing). In the mist of laying I was like it’s time!

So I look at him for a second and he’s like “what” and I say nothing but I start rubbing on his dick through his pants, he looks all surprised and ask “what do you want” and I just keep rubbing and say “I think you know” while I’m saying it I start pulling down his pants enough just to expose him and I start giving him head. He must of thought that is all I wanted to do (sometimes I just suck his dick for fun I like doing it) but I kept going until I could hear in his moans that he was close to cumming and I stopped. He opened his eyes really surprised and asked me why I stopped so I told him to stand up. He stands up and proceeds to take his pants off all the way, I continue sitting on the bed and I leaned forward and proceeded to give him head let him pull my hair a bit and control how fast I was sucking it, he pulls my head back and I look up at him and he ask me if I want to be intimate and I said yes. He stands me up and turns me around so quick and bends me over and rips my shorts down, and proceeded to fuck me from behind pulling my hair, slapping my ass, and then he cums inside me and he stands behind me for a minute before pulling out. But here’s the part that literally made me MELT😍

He pulls out and while I’m bent over starts rubbing my lower back (where I usually have tightness from the baby) and giving me a massage stopping to lean down and kiss my booty and my back. He sits down next to me and pulls me on top of him and starts kissing my forehead, and proceeded to rub my belly telling me how much he loves me and our baby and how gorgeous he thinks I am with my pregnant body. It definitely was the much needed intimacy and closeness we had been needing these past few weeks 😩❤️