Didn't think it would be so fast ♥️

Celenhle • Mommy to be 💕 Wife 💍 My little sesame seed Due 01/01/20🤰

I can't believe it ❤️

April was our 1st month/cycle TTC for baby #1, I took out my IUD on the 3rd of April and was fertile from the 4th. We BD'd every other day we didn't to make it a routine in a way 😂 I started testing from 7DPO and got BFN's obviously 🙄, but at 10DPO when it was a BFN I kinda gave up, went for drinks with the girls and convinced myself AF was coming on the 23rd April like I expected. On the 21st I should've been experiencing PP's (Period Pains) but nothing 🤷🏽‍♀️ 22nd still no PP's all the pregnancy symptoms I thought I was experiencing went away when I convinced myself I wasn't pregnant so I told myself it was clearly all in my head 😭 anyway its D-Day and no AF 😲 figured I stressed myself out and she's hiding out, a pre-turture gift 😂😂

So it's Day 2 and no AF, DH and I BD and he says somethings off 🤔 around this time there's usually a string hanging from down there 😂😂 We had one test left and he begs me to take it, Fast forward the 3 minute hour glass wait, our Clear Blue digital gave us the best way to start our morning, besides the morning BD celebration 😂🙈

When DH came back he got 2 more tests 😂😂 said he's too excited, they gave BFP's 🎉🎉 (while he was at work, I went to the doctor and got a blood hCG test done, it was positive, so I knew DH's test wouldn't disappoint 🤐)

We have our 1st scan on the 29th of May, I can't wait 😍❤️ I have an early appointment on the 1st of May just to confirm the pregnancy but we get to hear his heart beat on the 29th. ♥️

I pray the next 9 months will be glorious and that he remains a healthy little peanut (Daddy calls our little poppy seed "him" so much I ended up joining the party 😂🙈) No words can describe how blessed and happy I feel at this moment ♥️♥️