Only pay 1/3 or have 1k free per year? Read below


So in Wales university fees have changed. The maximum amount per year for higher education in the UK is £9,250. For Welsh students, it’s capped at £9,000.

Up until 2017, Welsh students are only billed £3,000, which is paid back later in life normally, and the Welsh Gov. pay the remaining £6,000 per year for their fees, but if they needed finances then they had to take out a loan which is maxed out at £9,000 per year

My intake year, from 2018 onwards, saw a change. Welsh students now have to pay back the full £9,000 per year that they study. However, for every year that you study you get a free £1,000 maintenance grant, and you can take out a maximum of £8,000 maintenance loan

So. As a student, what would you prefer, to only pay back 1/3 of the cost of going to university, or to get £1,000 free every year that you study?

Please don’t make this about ‘it’s not free money my taxes are paying for that!!!’. It’s not what the question is asking. Stay on topic

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