Why are man so sneaky, IDK what to do?


I been married for now 1 year, I’m still getting to know my husband. The crazy part about it is since I married this man I feel like I’m laying down with a complete stranger! His very sneaky and not a open person. When I catch him in his own lies he still tries to blame the world and never Amidst the truth. I caught him texting his ex’s, watching porn, living with his baby momma house and lying about everything else. He TAKES his phone everywhere he goes..... like to him it’s GOLD!

I’m so disappointed in myself, my children’s are going to be hurt cause they look up to him as a dad. I feel like a Failure.

I’m 27 and his 35 years old we have a total of 5 children’s but one is our together.

I thought Marring a older men would be more mature and ready to settle down, but I was wrong!

His as selfish person, his inconsiderate and only cares about. I known this man for a total of 2 years and his never bought me anything or even surprised me. His a unromantic man.

I tried so hard to make sure our relationship is strong and buy him gifts, make gifts and do crazy fun things but not once has he shown love.

I honestly feel like he wanted to marry me so he can move out of his baby momma house, so he can have a place to stay and use me.

I don’t trust him. I lay in bed asking who is this man? Is he living a double life?

Playing with someone’s emotions and especially children’s emotions is not a game.

Idk what else to do???