Does anyone carry the trait for twins and feel like u could be carrying them!!!!


So i’m 5 weeks and five days and for some reason my belly has a slight bump maybe I’m just going crazy but I myself am an identical twin I have aunts that are twins (identical) and my husband has twins on his side of the family as well this is our first pregnancy and I got pregnant on the first try we’re both in the Navy so we can only be seen by a Navy doctor they told me to wait till I’m at least nine weeks to know how many I’m carrying but I feel in my heart there’s two what should I do😂‼️

Love momma jay 💕

THESE PICTURES ARE BEFORE MY PREGNANCY 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 did mention I’m in the navy I’m always wrkn out with my husband and my stomach has always been flat