Pregnant again?


So i had a miscarriage on March 15th or 16th i believe. My birthday was on the 14th ... i was 6 weeks pregnant and bled for 5 days. Once i stopped having bleeding my partner and i continued to have sex , no birth control even when the doctor said to wait a month. We really didn’t see the harm in it. Its now been over a month since then and i still havent gotten my period but im having symptoms again like i did before when i was pregnant. ( I already have a 1 year old son .) so i notice these things very easily now. Im very emotional , i get slight cramping here and there if im upset or just laying down. Im getting hot flashes , my boobs are heavy and hurt sometimes , I’ve been getting clumsy and feel nauseous but never throw up. I’m just wondering if i should take a test or wait a couple more weeks ?

Update : I took two tests last night and they’re obviously positive 😭 The first line showed up within seconds of me peeing and the second didnt take that long after. What im thinking is my miscarriage could’ve been a weak pregnancy cuz the lines on three tests i took for that were all weak and took forever cuz my hormone levels were very , very low. My boyfriend and i are super nervous now .. We don’t want anything to happen this time.