What family photo do I choose?


Ok so my ex husband is transgender (M to F) and we recently divorced. We are amazing at co parenting and still very much a family. my sons daycare is doing a family photo wall and why my child is special book. Which photo do I choose? Do I choose the socially acceptable single mom photo or do I choose our actual family Christmas photo with my son having 2 moms. I struggles because I know there are going to be questions about why my son has 2 moms....a lot of grown adults don’t know how to comprehend our family structure let alone a bunch of 3 year olds. I live in a small town....close minded people. I fear that wether it’s the other kids or the other parents that there will be back lash due to religion or just not understanding transgenderism. But I also do not want to teach my son to be ashamed of our family structure. What photo would you choose and why?

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