In what order did you announce your pregnancy?

So this is just for further reference for if I am pregnant this time around. I will be visiting family for 6 weeks and staying under their roof and I will find out if I’m pregnant while I’m there. Obviously I would tell my husband first but is it safe to tell your parents right away? I’ll be staying with my parents and I don’t want to lie to them and my mom always knows when there is something up with me. I’m the oldest and all of my siblings still live with my parents so they would find out too that they will be aunts and uncles. I live in England due to being stationed here with my husband and our family lives in Florida. This will be the only time to tell them in person if we are finally pregnant. We won’t see them again until December but if I am pregnant now or conceive in June or July we may not be able to fly home. Just curious as to when and is what order you told people. We wouldn’t announce to the world until well into the second trimester but when it comes to immediate family I just want to know what all you lovely moms did :)