The you’re so small comments

So this is my first pregnancy. I’m 5’2 and have always been small. Before I got pregnant I was around 110. I am currently 6 months already and I’ve gained about 15-17 Ibs already. It’s obvious I am pregnant, my clothes are all tight and my work pants are even tighter, I finally have boobs. It’s just getting old how many times people have commented...”omg you’re 6 months pregnant, you’re so small!”....😐

Like how else am I suppose to look like right now this is how I look. Being pregnant is already a whole life changes experience for me right now and the changes I have been going through in my own body have been SUCH an adjustment. I definitely try to not take it personally when people say that it’s just hard because I’m already going through all these changes, can’t they just say congratulations without having to comment on my size. 😔