Attention or Real Love

I just want to say yes, me and my ex have been messing around and also, yes I know he’s still with his baby momma, they got back together when me n him split, She also knows that he made his way back in my life and that he’s been coming to see me and obviously she knows we’re messing around. I do feel bad but at the same time I don’t. He doesn’t really wanna be with her and by the way she treats him she doesn’t really love him the way she talks about every time she texts me begging for me to send her some type of proof that we’re messing around cuz she just needs a easier way to let him go. She’s seen plenty of proof from stilling his phone and going threw everything and acting like him trying to fight with me telling me to leave “him” alone that “he” was just using me. He always texts me when he notices that My number was blocked telling me that it was her doing all that. I’ve got so used to it I just play the part, act confused and upset and beg him to stay. I’ve gotten pretty good with it I think she’s noticed cuz she ain’t texted in awhile but she did hide his phone while he was passed out.