I just came here to let off some anger. My boyfriend of two years left me for some chick. I thought our love and connection was strong. I thought our relationship was strong. I didn’t see no signs that he was unhappy. I did everything right. I love him. He loved me. But he told me that things wasn’t working out. That he didn’t want the relationship anymore. And he just left and got with some girl. I am furious. I am hurt. I am broken. But must of all I’m confused. What went wrong in our relationship. What did I do that cause him to leave. What happened to our two years of relationship and three years of friendship. Five years I spent with this dude. I opened up my heart and he broke it. Did he even love me? He kept saying I was the one. That we were going to get marry and have beautiful babies. He put lies into my head. Made me think we had a future together. What did the other girl had that I didn’t? I thought he was the one. But it was all a lie. He lied to me and just walked away.