I think my husband is cheating and need advice!


So my husband and I have been together for 3.5 years, but will be married a year on May 22nd. Just some back information...

On Valentine's Day it was a day like any other and I had school, but was really excited to get home to my husband and have dinner and get sexy together. LOL I even made this cheesy card about having sex with him and he just kinda shrugged it off, well he ended up being SO tired and falling asleep on me. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe the next day we would, nope. The day after that, nope. So I questioned it and he acted like he had no idea what I was talking about and how he didn't understand the issue because he was happy with how things were between us.

I let it go and moved on. We bickered from time to time, the main reason being we weren't having as much sex since that week, to which he always replied the reason we weren't have sex was because we were arguing... Can't go both ways, right?

Anyway, on March 30th, I went to a bridal shower a ways away from home and used my bedside table to do my hair and makeup that morning while my husband was at work and my son was with my in-laws. I had a lot of things sitting on the table and know I cleared the side closest to the bed before I left. That night my husband told me he got off work at 5:30pm and that he was going to my in-laws to pick up our son and would be waiting for me when I got home around 7:30pm. When I got home at 7:30, they were JUST getting home maybe 5 minutes after me. When we were getting my son ready for bed, I noticed on the table where I had cleared it off that there was an open, empty condom wrapper and the corner that went with it less than 2 inches away on the bed.

I even had my medicine on the table earlier in the day and saw it was now gone. I walked over to the table and with the pile of laundry on the floor below it could not find my medicine. My husband about 10 minutes later walked right over to the table, picked up my medicine like he knew right where it was and put it back. I immediately questioned him about the condom and instead of reassuring me he would never do something like that, he instantly blew up. He swore he would never do something like that, but he was mad and yelling the entire time.

He says he believes it was thrown and got stuck in a shirt or blanket we had on the floor and when it was picked up next it just fell there... I know I'm not SO crazy to think THAT is absolutely crazy. What? A 1-2% chance??

Anyway, thinking back to the past few months, it would make EVERYTHING make sense. I just don't know what to think or do, but he gets mad/swears it never happened each time I bring it up, but I can't let it go. I've been in this position before and ALLLLL the signs are there. I just want an answer, even if he used the condom say for himself or something.. I need an explanation. Is that SO hard to ask for?? Am I being unreasonable??

Since V-Day, he's made me feel like EVERYTHING is just made up in my head and if I didn't think so much (I have General Anxiety Disorder and obsess over thoughts sometimes) it wouldn't cause problems. I know I overthink about a lot of things, no doubt. I know that I can't ALWAYS be wrong about everything though.