Maybe a little premature?


I had about 20 faint positive tests from home that as the days went by were getting darker and darker. I went to the doctor and their test was negative. They sent me for blood work On Monday, which also came back negative... A BIG FAT 0! I took more tests at home, which were all positive. I went back to my doctors and showed them all of my tests only to be told they didn’t know, blood was the most accurate. They sent me for more blood work yesterday. My levels went from a 0 on Monday to a 15 on Wednesday! They aren’t confirming pregnancy yet, but I am going back for blood work Monday morning to make sure my levels are still going up!


I took a Clearblue Digital this morning, which have all been negative the last few days. That turned positive today. I am thinking that means my levels are going up. Only way to confirm will be the blood work on Monday, but I am hopeful.